Jewellery Trends That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Look

Choker necklaces, beaded bracelets/raw stones, and cuff bracelets are all jewellery trends making an impact this season.

As the seasons progress and transition, and we start to switch out our closets and move with the changes, celebrities and style icons are turning to timeless jewellery that is more unique and personal. Below are some of the must-have pieces that can instantly elevate your look.

Choker Necklace

From a relaxed day look to evening dinner parties you are guaranteed to nail every look with this fashion forward piece. The trendy, contemporary choker necklace is perfect to effortlessly accentuate a beautiful dress on your night out with loved ones.

Most choker necklaces are the finest blend of simplicity and elegance and can maximize your glamour to the fullest with ease. Below are some of our favourite choker necklaces.

Beaded Bracelets

Express yourself with a unique, premium gemstone charm bracelet. These keep you in touch with the metaphysical. Gemstones have always been regarded as bringers of peace, love, prosperity and happiness. They have been long known to have a protective, adornment as well as a healing function, therefore guarding their wearer. Accentuate your look with these timeless pieces and showcase your character, courage and unwavering passion for success. Below are some of our picks.

Cuff Bracelets

The cuff bracelet is quite transcendent. It’s a true showcase of class, confidence and superior style. The right cuff bracelet is guaranteed to instantly elevate your look and has been loved and worn by many style icons. It is the perfect accessory to achieve a contemporary look. Below are some of our favourites.